An amazing and limited time offer to update your old PitStop Pro and Pitstop Server licences

If you own old Enfocus PitStop Pro and PitStop Server (up to V10), you have a temporary and unique occasion to update them to the latest version (v13). Let’s have a quick overview of what you have missed since version 11…

How to improve Printers and Graphic Designers relationship ?

Difficult relations between Printers and Graphic Designers is a long story. Graphic designers?…Gentle dreamers. Printers ?…Stubborn conservatives. In one word ? Conflict yesterday, battle tomorrow, struggle tomorrow. Yet there are tools to improve the relationship between Printers and Graphic Designers. Let’s have a look peacefully.

How to automate wide format printing ?

Wide format printing is not really well equiped in terms of automation. But good news, solutions are coming ! If you are wondering how to automate your Wide Format Printing process, keep on reading…

How to save time with InDesign ?

Time flies inexorably. Client is waiting for the approval. Changes will be required for sure. Fix, resubmit, exports PDFs, upload to the Printer. Hopefully he won’t require changes too. In a good day, round trips will be limited, production acceptable, stress level ok. On the other days, you got used to work under big pressure […]

PDF Imposition well done with Callas PDFToolBox

One of the most critical prepress steps is PDF Imposition. A lot of good imposition solution exist. Please allow us to introduce you Callas PDFToolBox. Although this software is primarly intended to PDF preflight and correction, it does embed a powerful and useful imposition engine. We will show how to impose our files thanks to PDFToolBox and supplied imposition […]