PressRun (AppStudio)

Digital Publishing

Design of a production tool for the users of the PressRun Digital Publishing Solution.

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Axaio (MadeToTag)

PDF Accessibility

Development of a Preflight & Modification Tool of InDesign documents in order to generate accessible PDFs.

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DGE Production

Textile Production

Automation of a highly customized sport clothes production workflow.

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NovaLab (Hôtels Balladins)


Setup of a XML Workflow in order to automatically & safely layout a Motels Directory.

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RipConsulting (Fashion)

Pics Management

Preflight Tool of XMP fields and technical criterias in order to get an standardised photographic fund.

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RipConsulting (TV)

TV Magazine

Automated injection of texts & pictures in TV Magazines templates.

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NovaLab (Pentair)

Price List

Design of a Excel files processing module in order to get perfectly layouted tables within InDesign.

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RipConsulting (SWYP)

Editorial Flow

Development of a production tool facilitating exchanges between the SWYP solution and its end-users.

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