An amazing and limited time offer to update your old PitStop Pro and Pitstop Server licences

If you own old Enfocus PitStop Pro and PitStop Server (up to V10), you have a temporary and unique occasion to update them to the latest version (v13).

Let’s have a quick overview of what you have missed since version 11…

A) Version 11

Variable Sets

Now you can use dynamic variables on the fly or based on a XML or JDF ticket inside a preflight profile or an action.



B) Version 12

Monotype connection

Unembedded fonts are a number one issue. Thanks to V12, you can now download and embed fonts from the Monotype database and prevent flow breaks.


Pictures edit

Adjust curves, blur or brightness from inside the PDF thanks to new actions dedicated to picture edition.


Adobe Flattening librairies.

Since V12, transparencies are flattened based on the native Adobe library ensuring a perfect consistency.

C) Version 13

Automatic bleed inclusion.

Prevent risk of white marks on the cutting process by adding bleed on files that don’t have any automatically.


Appel de l’action


Le fond perdu a été ajouté !

Custom Report Messages

Make reports even clearer for your clients by creating your own custom messages.



Add profiles, actions or variable Sets from within PitStop Server

You no longer need PitStop Pro to set your profiles, actions or variable sets. Everything can be done from PitStop Server Interface.



Restrict preflights

Preflight is even more powerful as you can now restrict checks to specific selections. That’s a whole new set of possibilities.


Parrallel to that, all those versions got enhanced with numerous actions and profiles.

D) An amazing offer !

Not only you can update your old software to the latest version, but the price is very attractive :

PitStop Pro


V10- > V13

PitStop Server


V10- > V13

Bundle PitStop


PitStop Pro V13
& PitStop Server V13

All those offers include one year of maintenance. As a reminder, maintenance gives you access to minor and major updates. Something you should really consider as the next version of PitStop Pro and Server is just around the corner !

Watch out, this offer ends of June 30th 2016.

Contact us for more infos.

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