5 errors you will do with InDesign XML

XML Import within Adobe InDesign is tricky for rookies. It’s likely you will fall into one of its many pitfalls. You have to follow some rules if you want to get your catalog, directory or book project perfectly populated! Here are 5 errors you will probably do unless you read carefully this article. 1) Ignore the true nature of […]

Just stop DTD validation inside Adobe InDesign…

So you have to validate your InDesign XML structure with a DTD. A DTD consists in determining how your XML structure should look like. DTD is really rigid. I mean, consider DTD as the tough guy who will not make you enter the party if you don’t wear the right clothes. However, that rigidity within InDesign, […]

All you need to know about using XML with Adobe InDesign

When talking about XML Import, you can easily define three groups of users : One that master and use it : 5% One that heard about it : 10% One that ignore all about it : 85% I admit XML is all but sexy. Who wants to spend time with XML when you can do nice DPS/ePub projects ? Still, […]

How to choose between XML Import and Datamerge ?

During an InDesign User Group Meeting in Paris, a spectator asked me this simple question : “How to choose between XML Import and Datamerge ?”. A vast topic I tried to cover in a short time. I take this opportunity to speak further and hopefully provide elements of a response to make your final choice. Context matters It’s all about your layout […]