Finally, a simple solution to access all your InDesign Document information in sight!

All info in sight!

With the What the Doc extension, all useful information is in sight. No more back and forth between views, preferences, or some sub-sub-sub menus!

Choose what you want to see!

Don’t need some info? Hide them! Set document info visibility with a click of a button.

What the Doc is currently in Beta version and only a limited subset of info is displayed. However, this is an opportunity to let us know which info should be added before its final release.

All your settings are stored. So you always get the info displayed just as you want!

Always synchronized

What the Doc has been designed to react to user events. You just opened a document? What the doc updates. Changing any doc properties? What the doc updates. You got it…What the doc updates 😊

Beta-testeurs wanted

What the Doc now needs beta-testeurs. We hope many of you will contact us to join our beta program!