Seen on TV !

In 2011, Stéphane Baril & David Deraedt, both pre-sales consultants at Adobe France and facilitators of the late”Chips & Tips” webshow  invited Marc Autret and I to an InDesign Scripting introduction. One may consider the video as old but the content remains completely valid. If you are new to scripts or wish to learn more, […]

Add highly customized Text Variables to InDesign

InDesign text variables are really powerful. I recently saw a forum post where some people was asking if it was possible to add the computer name to the InDesign text variables. At first, I was about to answer him “no, you can’t”. And the fact is you normally can’t…Unless you get some InDesign Scripting in the […]

Make ASCII Art with InDesign

Do you like ASCII Art ? Me too ! A few weeks ago, I have been started thinking if it could be possible to generate ASCII Art from any regular InDesign Content. The concept is easy : take an image and translate every pixel into a representative character. How could I possibly introduce that idea within InDesign […]

Happy New Year 2013

So Maya were wrong. No end of the World in 2012 and that’s good news. What a pity if our automation solutions had such a short existence. What a relief, our scripts, extensions and XML Workflow will remain beneficial for 2013 and beyond as no “End of the World” is expected soon. We will keep on […]