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In October 2022, we launched our GIFStudio extension for Adobe Illustrator on Adobe Exchange. Let’s have a recap on how it started, how it’s going, and what to expect.

At the beginning

A few months ago, we created animated GIFs for a newsletter. It was the usual workflow juggling with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. That basically works and many videos on Youtube show how to do.

However, this seemed clunky. For a simple preview, we needed to export artboards, go to Photoshop, open a file, import images, set the animation, then run. Oh, something is wrong, let’s do that all over again! So we thought that it would be fun to preview the animation early on in the creative phase.  And “GIFPreview” came to life.

Yes, GIFPreview, not GIFStudio yet. This panel would tackle the initial challenge. Artboards were loaded and animated in the most simple way. But to achieve the GIF file, we would still need to go through Photoshop.

From GIFPreview to GIFStudio

When we introduced GIFPreview, people were really enthusiastic. Thousands of likes on socials but quickly, we received suggestions for improvements. It was clear that the extension needed important features such as setting frames duration and exporting to file.

We worked hard to greatly improve the extension and at this point, we feel like GIFPreview should become GIFStudio. As a matter of fact, GIFStudio was now an advanced tool for creating animated GIF files from within Adobe Illustrator. After some intense Q&A, we eventually released GIFStudio to Adobe Exchange.

Why is it paid-for?

A few people questioned the fact that GIFStudio is paid-for when Adobe products allow you to create animated GIF files for “free” (not to mention online free tools). Our reasoning is that there is a true value proposition that is worth the price. With GIFStudio, you no longer need to juggle between apps, it’s basically 60% of your time that you save using GIFStudio and this comes with a price.

It’s also a commitment to our customers in terms of support and evolution. How easy it would be to just disregard any troubles just because it’s free. But if you want to keep on using traditional workflows using Illustrator and Photoshop because it’s “free”, it’s fine. If you feel GIFStudio lacks a very important feature to really solve your pain points, let us know.

New features awaited

If you buy GIFStudio, you may expect regular deliveries of new features. This product has already greatly evolved but it’s not over. We really want GIFStudio the become the tool of reference for creating animated GIF files with Adobe Illustrator and we are not out of ideas yet.

The next evolution will be focused on decoupling artboards and images. You won’t have to have an exact match between artboards and images. Your artboards will be elementary bricks and you will be able to build complex animations in the panel. If you want to repeat a sequence, you no longer need to duplicate artboards, just images.

We have so many ideas. If you want to share your ideas, feel free to do so through the contact page.

A special offer

Let’s celebrate the 3 months of GIFStudio on Adobe Exchange and Christmas as well with a 30% on GIFStudio. Just use the following code when you buy the extension on Adobe Exchange. Don’t miss it, only 50 users can benefit from the reduction until December 31st.


To use this coupon, go to the Adobe Exchange GIFStudio Introduction page and click “install”, then proceed to payment and enter the code when asked.

A big thank you

We would like to thank all the people who helped us on this journey by testing, advising, and promoting GIFStudio. So thank you Kim Liên DUONG VAN DANG for your neverending support, to Christian Blaise for his friendship and strong advice, to Jean-Claude Tremblay and Pierre Ruiz for their tests and suggestions on the early hours of GIFStudio.

Thanks to Ari M. Weinstein, who mentioned GIFStudio during the last Illustrator Creative Summit of September 2022 and offered a welcomed exposure; thanks to Von Glitshka, Kat Kremser, Monika Gause et Iván Gómez S. for their awesome Youtube tutorials (See GIFStudio page for links); Thanks again to Kat Kremser and to the CreativePro team, Mike Rankin on top, for their nice article that was read by their countless subscribers.

Thanks to the colleagues on socials who continuously share our communications with their followers; Thanks to Ingo Eichel and the whole Adobe Creative Cloud Extensibility team for their support to developers. Finally, thanks to Jimmy Hartington for his danish translation. We apologize for those we would have been clumsy enough not to mention here.

We wish you a very happy holiday season and good luck!

Santa animation based on this image by Freepik

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