From Graphic Design to Automation

Photo de Loic AigonAfter advanced education in Product Design, Graphic Design and Project Management, Loïc Aigon works as an intern in Parisian Design Consultancies as Paris Venise or Saguez & Partners. Later, he joins Reflex Immobilier, a publishing studio, as a graphic designer where he discovers “just-in-time” production and automation.

In 2004, Caldera recruits him as a Graphic Design. Its missions deal with Print Communication (leaflets, boards, booths…) and User Interface Design. As Caldera has been growing year after year, the need for more and more documents, each one in 6 languages, was also increasing. To reduce delays and efforts, Loïc starts coding scripts to automate as many processes as possible. He plays with XML Workflows and pushes the company to adopt a XML Document Management System.

Since 2007, he starts sharing scripts on the Internet. They are quickly welcome. In the meanwhile, he also starts developing Flex Extensions for InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. And it’s still most of its business today. From the beginning, Loïc has promoted scripts and automation solution. As a matter of fact, he cofounded with Eddy Van Hoeke : The site intends to gather very scattered solutions.

In 2009, as demands increased, Loic launches its studio dealing with Consulting and Custom Developments in automation for the Publishing Market. In just a few years, his studio has already successfully helped companies to get more productivity, safety and effectiveness. His customers are Design Consultancies, Big Corporations, Publishing Companies, Printers…in France and abroad.

Loïc Aigon is all but a geek closed to production concerns. It’s a former Graphic Designer who knows its customers issues and the custom solutions they need while preserving usual processes as much as possible.

In 2019, the company shuts down as the founder chose to join a new venture and responsabilities. However, the company is reborn in 2022 as a freelancing business and you can request our services again.

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