In addition to proposing custom developments , Ozalto also integrates the following products :

EasyCatalog Logo


THE reference for building catalogs, datasheets or directories. Starting from CSV or XML files, or even a direct connection to a database, EasyCatalog automatically and safely lays out huge amount of data within Adobe InDesign. Prices changes, texts modified ? Any data modification is spotted then updated in a blink within the document.

If you are working with external data and need a simple yet powerful solution to lay them out, you want EasyCatalog from 65Bit software.

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Enfocus Software are high-end tools for printing professionals and even more to any company dealing with productivity, files preflight and efficiency issues. Enfocus provides solutions that adapt to every possible configuration, from low-end products such as Connect You to Switch, the Rolls Royce of Automation, not to mention the essential PitStop Pro and its elder brother PitStop Server.

Production running out of time, processes errors, incorrect fils, Enfocus products can really boost you productivity !

Callas Logo


Its name means all ! PDFToolBox is a true PDF toolbox facilitates complex operations such as preflight, correctionmultilingual files handling, color management, imposition and even files comparison.

Accessible from Acrobat Pro or as a standalone application, PDFToolBox greatly simplifies the heaviest operations thanks to a very intuitive panel. Also available as a server, PDFToolBox can be executed through command line for always more automation.

You need an intuitive and visual solution for preflight, modification or files imposition, you want PDFToolBox !

Axaio Log


Axaio Software simplify and automate the most redundants tasks of the graphic chain. Multiple files export within Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy ou Quark Xpress are done in a blink thanks to MadeToPrint. Navigating through multilingual contents within Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator is no longer a pain with MadeForLayers. The PDF accessibility quality of an InDesign document can be now be easily checked and corrected  with the MadeToTag plugin.

You want to be more productive ? Get Axaio products !

Caldera Logo


Famous for its Excellent Rips dedicated to wide and large format printing, Caldera provides a large set of products for Printing to Color Calibration, Cutting or even Variable Display.

On top of that, Caldera also distributes solutions for production management, webshops, or automated driven RIP.

Having troubles with printing, processing files, outputting colors ? Get the best in digital printing !

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud and get every Adobe Creative Suite Products always up to date. You can pick a full subscription delivering access up to 15 software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects…, tablets applications, an access to the TypeKit fonts library and a Behance account; or choose a mono product subscription for any product you need.

Tucanna Logo


tFlow Production and tFlow Approval are two really ergonomic and powerful solutions from Tucanna for preflight, annotate, modify and conform PDF files with a high level of automation. tFlow Approval is an online solution for commenting and validating PDF documents. tFlow Production is based on the Callas technology for files preflight and correction.

These two products can be combined or used independently.