Why automate a production ?
Manually lay out hundreds of catalog pages or place thousands of data do lead towards processes slowness, copy/paste errors and probaly workers discouragement. Automation ensures both performance and reliability. Have a look at our solutions !
How long will it take ?
It’s all about the project. More complexity leads to more development. And more code also implies more testing. Delays can vary from one to several days.
How much will it cost?
Given your project, automation may represent a certain cost. It’s all about your expectations and how far is the project. But just balance the costs with the long term profits. How long do you spend in correction loops, validation while working manually ? Investing in automation can be very profitable in mid/long term.
What about support ?
We guarranty a free maintenance for 30 days to certain conditions. Possible issues may not be related to any modifications of your own, to OS a/o Applications updates or any parameters that weren’t specified at project launch. Beyond the deadline, maintenance is a paying service.
Do you work remotely or on site ?
If you wish, we can move to your office. But we can also work remotely. Besides, it’s how we work with most of our customers. We collaborate daily with American, Irish, English, German, Swiss and french companies without any trouble.
Are you really efficient ?
Let’s our customer testify for us ! Have a look at our references or our Customer Cases Studies and see how we can help.