GIFStudio V1.1.0 is out and it’s a game changer!

GIFStudio V1.1.0 is now available on the Adobe Exchange. It’s a big leap forward in terms of creating animated GIFs with Adobe Illustrator. That also explains why this release was a bit delayed. To learn more about what’s new, keep reading 👇.

GIFStudio has received continous improvements since its launch. Revamped UI and new features paved the road until then. But this version 1.1.0 is a game changer and it will unleash designers’ creativity with more freedom than ever.

Creating animated GIFs with Illustrator has never been easier. Designers will love this new version!

Big changes

So far, building complex animations with GIFStudio required that you created as many artboards as you needed images. If you ever wanted to repeat some images, you ended up adding artboards. Eventually, your document was unnecessarily complex. The solution was to break this logic. In other words, decouple Illustrator artboards and GIFStudio images.

In previous versions, you could only import all artboards. Any new import would discard all of your work.

Of course, artboards remain essential to build your animation. But now, you can create complex animations without the need of having as many artboards in Illustrator as images in GIFStudio.

Build complex animations by cloning frames inside GIFStudio instead of multiplying artboards!

To make this possible, GIFStudio V1.1.0 allows you to :

  1. Clone images WITHOUT duplicating any artboard
  2. Delete images WITHOUT removing any artboard
  3. Invert selected images’ order WITHOUT moving any artboard
  4. Flip images vertically WITHOUT editing any artboard
  5. Flip images horizontally WITHOUT editing any artboard


Thanks to those little helpers, you stop worrying about artboards. Design, import, and eventually build your animation. It’s a much simpler and quicker workflow. But wait, there is more!

I can’t believe how easy it is to add, delete, flip or reverse images with GIFStudio without dealing with my artboards!

Greater Flexibility

Until now, you could only import all your document’s artboards inside GIFStudio. And any new import would simply discard your existing work. We also changed that and you can now import only the artboards that you want. It’s an additive process we hope you will find addictive 🤗. When you click on import, you can now select specific artboards that you want to use and it won’t discard your current work.

Choose which artboards you want to import and where to place images in the existing sequence.

On top of that, you can choose where images will be placed during import. Position options allow you to place images: 

  • At the beginning of the sequence
  • At the end of the sequence
  • Before a specific image
  • After a specific image

Make yourself heard!

Many implemented evolutions come from users’ feedback. We wanted to make it even easier for you to have your say. That’s why GIFStudio can display a dialog where you can provide feedback and suggest feature requests. Just display it from the panel’s menu (Display welcome message). Then you are free to go 😉

This dialog is an opportunity to provide feedback and suggest feature requests. Don’t hesitate in using it.

By the way, what about giving GIFStudio a nice comment on Adobe Exchange 🙏

Our ambition remains to make GIFStudio a must-have tool for creating animated GIFs. Do you have suggestions, request? We are all ears!

Other fixes

A product updated is an opportunity to fix smaller issues and bugs. V1.1.0 is no exception and brings following fixes:

  • Default Transparency Import setting was disregarded.
  • Exporting GIFs on Windows could result in overlaying images.
  • Exporting GIFs on Windows could result in misordered images.
  • Switching between views could result in a frozen window


We hope you will enjoy this new version as much as we enjoyed developing it. It was quite hard work but we truly believe it was worth it. Selective artboard import and image actions should definitively unleash your creativity.

Like we always say, GIFStudio improves version after version and our north star is your satisfaction. So don’t hesitate in sharing your thoughts. So many great ideas await but your feedback will help prioritize what’s coming next. What about letting us know with this online form or through our contact page?

See you soon for V1.1.1 😊


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