Where to find Scripts for InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator…?

A few years ago, I came to the conclusion that finding scripts for Adobe Software was really an adventure. Of course, there was Adobe Exchange, an official platform gathering scripts, plug-ins and files. However, the difficult submission process and the limited content appeared to me as not representative of all the greatness of available resources.

In the same time, grab scripts implied surfing from site to site, sometimes in foreign languages in order to test every product one by one. Eventually, you would get the once-in-a-lifetime script. Tortuous, isn’t it ? So I got this idea. Should we get a platform that would help every single developer to gather their resources in one place ? Even better, could users test, rate and collaborate to the fundation of a smart library of scripts dedicated to Adobe Software automation ?

Alas, my weak knowledge in web development at the time prevented from building this tool. So I introduced my project into a specialized forum and caught the interest of another member. I was discovering someone that would become a friend : Eddy Van Hoeke. After a few discussions, Scriptopedia.org was born. Scriptopedia because of Wikipedia, or the idea of a collaborative library of script for the Adobe Sotware.

Unfortunately, the first version of Scriptopedia was not as open as I hoped. So Eddy and I had to gather all our courage and motivation to introduce dozens and dozens of scripts. Our only award was then to see the audience growing day by day.

As my business has been going well, I had to slow down with Scriptopedia. So Eddy has taking up the cause alone. What courage ! When most of us would have dropped it, he has keeping on maintaining and promote the site. Keep in mind that without him, this site would have been shut down.

So now there is a new design. And moreover, it’s now possible to introduce your own scripts or external ones without having to register. This is the feature that will boost Scriptopedia for sure. So don’t hesitate any longer and come expose your scripts. From my point of view, Scriptopedia.org is now mature.

Of course, the new Adobe Exchange should become a serious competitor. However Scriptopedia isn’t a commercial project. By the way, it’s really philantropic. We get no interestment in commercial products we introduce nor money from advertising. By the way, Eddy told me that no one actually donate a penny. Too bad. Thanks for the guides guys 😉

Our genuine mission was to ease access to the scripts and I think we achieved that. Scriptopedia is a complementary tool that will last as long as necessary. And if it has to end some day, we will keep in mind all the people that boost their productivity thanks to us !

To conclude, I want to thank Eddy once again for his investment from the beginning. Eddy is really a great guy. If you are looking at some web developer, don’t hesitate in requiring his services ! You will find quality, perfection and a huge humanity.

Thanks again to those who participated, participate or will participate to the adventure of  Scriptopedia.org and also many thanks to thos who helped promoting the site by visiting, scoring and blogging about Scriptopedia.

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