GIFStudio V1.0.35 available!

We are proud to announce a new release of GIFStudio on December 5th, 2022. This V1.0.35 improves export quality and brings additional features. Check them out!

Improved Export Quality

We reworked our export engine to offer optimal quality on output. All the tests we made show that for equivalent settings, the result is the same between GIFStudio and Adobe Photoshop.

Export Photoshop 300dpiExport GIFStudio 416.53%*

* Export Scaling Factor was set to 416,53% in GIFStudio to match Photoshop 300ppi resolution (and size).

A better transparency management

The background color is now used for matting. This is useful for transparent pixels that cannot be rendered natively in the GIF file. The matte color will be used to blend transparent pixels with the matting color and flatten transparent areas. This gets you rid of crispy and unsatisfying results with GIFs. Eventually, your GIF is perfect to be used flawlessly within your website, newsletter, or any digital communication.

As before, set the background color in the preferences. Transparent pixels will be matted with this color.

Using matting for transparency

Scaling factor

Your design is ready but you are asked to deliver a twice bigger GIF file. No panic! No need to revamp your whole illustrator file, all you have to do is to set the scaling factor accordingly. How practical 😉

TRIAL version

The trial version now allows you to export GIF files, but only 5 of them. This should be enough for people who want to evaluate the extension prior to buying it. If you already have a license, just update your extension if you are not using V1.0.35!

Next releases

We have so many ideas for GIFStudio. Here are a few:

  • A “scenario” feature to ease the creation of specific animations (rotations, flips…)
  • Decoupling artboards and frames for even more creativity and productivity (duplicate/delete frames, import specific artboards…)
  • Use patterns as background for the player (in case your website uses patterns or your client does)

We would love to hear your thoughts about those possible deliveries. Feel free to comment below or to get in touch through the contact form.

Hall of fame

We are thinking about having a “Hall of fame” web page with the GIF animations that you made with GIFStudio. Wanna be part of it? Let us know.


What about a newsletter on GIFStudio? Would you want to subscribe? If this is a yes, tell us. If it’s a “no”, no problem.


Go to the GIFStudio description page on Adobe Exchange.


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