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Create animated GIF files
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Animated GIF files rock

Animated GIF boost your digital publications results (newsletters, press releases, social networks…). For instance, tweets that use animated GIF files get higher engagement rates by 167%. !

So don’t hesitate in using animated GIF files if they can boost your message. And animated GIF files are the quickest and easiest way to communicate your ideas.

An innovative approach

The traditional workflow for creating animated GIF files is generally cumbersome. You usually end up juggling with Adobe Illustrator for design and Adobe Photoshop for animation. No less than 6 operations are needed for exporting an animated GIF file in this context. Not to mention the back and forth when there are changes.

With GIFStudio, reduce production time by more than 60%! Create, set up, preview, and export your animated GIF files without even leaving Adobe Illustrator.

Two clicks needed

Creating animated GIF files with GIFStudio is so simple. Set your artboards in Illustrator, load them in GIFStudio, then export the file. Et voilà!

You can as well set frames’ order and duration, individually or globally. Feel free to preview your animation at any time with the embedded reader.

An intuitive UI

Creating animated GIF files must be simple! That’s why the UI was designed with one essential focus in mind: quickly create animated GIFs.

You basically have 4 actions with GIFStudio:

UI buttons

  1. Import artboards
  2. Preview animation
  3. Set up frames
  4. Export the file
  5. Set preferences

Creating your first GIF with GIFStudio is a matter of seconds. All the professionals who use GIFStudio point out the ease of use.

Being able to create and export right in Illustrator is a game changer. Anything to avoid Photoshop.

Caroline, Youtube comment

Optimal GIF Export Quality

With GIFStudio V1.0.35, export quality has been greatly improved. Get new features such as using a matte color for better management of transparency.

Using matting for transparency

Need a bigger or smaller GIF file? No need to modify your artboards. Just set the export scaling factor!

A quicker workflow at a small price

Experience a quicker and simpler production workflow with GIFStudio. Buy it for US$ 49.99, and you will be able to export animated GIFs from Illustrator without any time limitation. GIFStudio is not a subscription but a perpetual license tied to your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Visit the GIFStudio introduction page on the Adobe Exchange website or from within your Creative Cloud app to get the extension. GIFStudio ‘s journey has just begun and many features will come in the future. If you want to share ideas or suggestions to make GIFStudio even better, don’t hesitate and get in touch through our contact form.

Already embraced by professionals

As soon as GIFStudio has been released, professionals started creating awesome animations. Check out those great video tutorials achieved by top-notch experts.

Amazing designs can be achieved by the combination of excellent creative designers and GIFStudio. Here are a few examples of animations achieved with GIFStudio. If you wish to share your own creations here, feel free to let us know!

Loïc’s Customer Service is excellent. I had a glitch at install and reached out. Loic was back in the hour, glitch resolved!

Don Gura, LinkedIn comment

Test it now

Experience yourself how creating animated GIF files can be easy with GIFStudio. No more juggling with Illustrator and Photoshop. You can create, set up, preview, and export your files without leaving Illustrator. Isn’t that great?

Test GIFStudio

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