How to improve Printers and Graphic Designers relationship ?

Difficult relations between Printers and Graphic Designers is a long story. Graphic designers?…Gentle dreamers. Printers ?…Stubborn conservatives. In one word ? Conflict yesterday, battle tomorrow, struggle tomorrow. Yet there are tools to improve the relationship between Printers and Graphic Designers. Let’s have a look peacefully.

A) Enfocus ConnectYou

When a Graphic Designer deals with many printers, each one with different requirements, chances are high to get confused. ConnectYou secures the submissions with your different partners allowing you to set specific connectors. That’s a good start to avoid conflicts.

You no longer need to juggle between the different specifications. Next time you want to submit a job to the printer, you just call the preset and every single parameter will be applied automatically. During submission, the PDF file is preflighted, even fixed and if validated sent to the printer.

Connect You Shema

It’s a real security jump. If there are problems, you are notified even before the PDF file was sent !

B) Enfocus ConnectAll

While ConnectYou stands for one seat (i.e. one graphic designer for n printers), ConnectAll is what you need for multi-users. Now the printer runs the show. ConnectAll indeed generate Mac & PC preconfigured connectors. Printing standards, fixes, files destination, user interactions, everything you need can be configured. Once the connector is set, the printer can distribute them freely.

It’s a win-win solution. The printer no longer worries about files quality. The graphic design is assured that he sends a file ready-to-print.

ConnectAll Schema

Is the file wrong ? The connector may fix it. At last, if the file is OK, then it’s sent to the printer. Then he can print it blind-fully. In case the file is not acceptable, then the graphic designer is notified.

Ice on the cake, the connectors can be updated and modified even after they have been released. You can’t offer more security.

C) Enfocus ConnectSend

The Enfocus ConnectSend application is a droplet (a program launched by drag and drop). As opposed to ConnectAll, ConnectSend doesn’t produce files, it just pushes the dropped files to the printer according they match the requirements. However you can still rely on the preflight, fixes, reports and automatic submission of the Connect Suite.

Connect Send shema


The printer is free to create as many connectors he needs without further charges and distribute them for free. Once again any further changes can be updated within released connectors. That’s a good solution for companies that would produce PDF files outside of the Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud solutions.

D) Conclusion

Difficult relations between printers and graphic designers are not a fate. Most often, both work smartly side by side. But what if one quits or change the criteria ? Well possible problems may be back soon. The Enfocus Connect Suite smooths and secures the relationship between the printer and the graphic designer. Honestly, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

You have questions about the Enfocus Connect Suite ? Feel free to ask for more informations.

You want to share your experience with our without Connect ? Please comment below. We would be happy to read you !

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