How to automate wide format printing ?

Wide format printing is not really well equiped in terms of automation. But good news, solutions are coming ! If you are wondering how to automate your Wide Format Printing process, keep on reading…

A) Nexio shortly

Before looking at Caldera Nexio Configurators, let’s have a word on Nexio. During a long time, Caldera RIPs were closed environments. One had to load files, set up the jobs and print. Only workaround then, use the workflow tool combined with a hotfolder.

But then new tools were developed and the tech team have chosen to make their RIP automatable. This feature know as Nexio allows JDF/JMF bilateral communication with the RIP. So now you can link the RIP with their other products such as Flow+ or the webshops, or external tools as a MIS or an ERP.

Shema de Caldera Nexio

The only lacking feature was to be able to link a Caldera RIP to an automation solution such as Enfocus Switch. This has been fixed with the release of two Caldera Nexio configurators for Switch. Introduction…

B) From Enfocus Switch to Caldera RIP

Thanks to the Caldera Nexio Submit configurator, any job going through the module will generate JDF/JMF files caught by Caldera Nexio. Then the configurator monitors RIP responses. In case of a bad response (Rip not launched, network troubles), the job is sent to the failed jobs folder. In case of success, the incoming file is sent to the outgoing connection.

Caldera Nexio Submit

Prerequisite: set the configurator up. Only two fields are mandatory : Nexio Hotfolder Path the number of copies. All other are optional. However if you fill them, you can find the infos back within the Caldera RIP!

Réglage des paramètres du configurateur Nexio Submit

Caldera Nexio Submit configurator setup.

Aperçu des jobs avec le Job Tracker de Caldera

The JobTracker windows displays current jobs.
All the data filled in Switch appear correctly.

If you just own a Caldera Nexio Submit licence, it’s basically all you can do. But if you also own a Caldera Nexio Collect licence, you can get feedback from the RIP for any single new operation.

C) From Caldera RIP to Enfocus Switch

The Caldera Nexio Collect module monitors the Nexio Hotfolder waiting for Caldera RIP actions. Indeed any event will generate a JDF file that the configurator will inspect.

Caldera_Nexio_CollectIf a print fails, the JDF file will be sent to the errors connection. In case of success, the JDF appears within the Success folder.

So it’s really up to you to deal with these outgoing JDF files. You may want to send the information to a MIS or an ERP. You may also choose to send an email. Keep in mind that the JDF file not only gives info on the last event but also keeps a track of every single past operations.

D) Conclusion

Caldera Nexio configurators will bring the best of automation into the Wide Format Printing market. On one side, the powerful Caldera RIPs. On the other side, one of the best automation software, Enfocus Switch. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it !

A short note on this project genesis. Our privileged relationship with both Caldera and Enfocus companies allow us to take a great part in this partnership that was publicly announced at Fespa a few weeks ago. Of course it’s not ALL about us but we are happy we play a special part. From the beginning we have told Enfocus and Caldera to consider a partnership. We had Caldera Clients, Enfocus Switch Clients, it was just making sense that the two of us could be linked for a perfectly automated workflow !

Ozalto is proud that Caldera assign us the development of those Nexio configurators. We have really appreciated the confidence. But we mainly enjoy the fact that now Wide Format Printers will be able to automate fully their workflow from top to bottom thanks to Caldera, Enfocus and Ozalto.

If you want to learn more about Caldera Nexio, feel free to get in touch.

In case you are a software editor interested in having your own configurator within Enfocus Switch, come and share your project too.

Enjoy the automation !

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