Automation made for you

Redundant and heavy tasks deeply affect the productivity of a company. Time spent on repeated manual operations could be more profitably used on higher value tasks such as design, preflight of prospection. Scripting automate these low value tasks. It’s a custom development that can generate important productivity gains.

Unbeatable production delays !

Highly skilled in scripting languages ( Javascript/Applescript ), we automate workflows from the simplest routine (file exports…) to the most complex tasks. You don’t know scripts ? Feel free to test our samples.

Illustration : DGE PRODUCTION

DGE Production is both a consultancy in Sport Clothes Textile and a leader in customized and sublimated sport clothes manufacturing. DGE is specialized in small and medium-size series with short supply chain, for well-known Sport Brands.

Demonstration panneau DGE

As DGE is growing very fast, they needed to optimize their workflow. Until then, everything was done manually. They wanted a custom automation solution to hold delays, reduce production issues while upholding their quality standards.

We set a scripting solution based on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign linked to a web interface for the order management. From a simple production tool within Adobe InDesign, operators can automatically produce samples for client agreement or every needed cloth items. Designs, partners logos, players numbers and names are all set at the good spot, at the right scale with extreme reliability.

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