DGE Production

Highly Customized Sport Clothes Production


As DGE has been growing very fast, they needed to optimize their workflow. Until then, everything was done manually. For instance, a set of  shirts for a Rugby team implies to product at least 15 items at different sizes and different player names, numbers and finally sponsors logos at the right scale. Once the creation is done, it’s all about very redundant manual tasks. Hence why DGE Production wanted a custom automation solution to hold delays, reduce production issues while upholding their quality standards. They also expected that their designers could spend more time on high value tasks such as Creation or Preflight. Last but not least, the team has strong Adobe Illustrator skills and they have a huge library of illustrator designs.


The best solution here was to set a scripted workflow based on Adobe InDesign & Illustrator. InDesign now stands for production and Illustrator remains the tool for creation. Orders are now placed through a web interface rather than handwritten documents, thus ensuring a strict observance of the command.

From the same production tool within Adobe InDesign, operators can automatically produce samples for client agreement or every needed cloth items. Designs, partners logos, players numbers and names are all set at the good spot, at the right scale with extreme reliability.
The same tool let you update the customers changes in a blink. Before production, a designer can decide to do some tweaks (position, scale…) and these changes will be taken into account according to scale in production. JPG or PDF files are also easily done from the palette.


DGE Production workflow is now more effective. Automating ‘ready for press’ documents and production files has offered a high level of responsiveness for its customers orders. Time saved let the team focus on their core business : great creativity in clothes design. Creation habits with Illustrator have been preserved easing the implementation of the tool among operators. With this new momentum, DGE Production is now ready to conquer new markets and keep on growing.


DGE Production is both a consultancy in Sport Clothes Textile and a leader in customized and sublimated sport clothes manufacturing. DGE is specialized in small and medium-size series with short supply chain, for well-known Sport Brands.