NovaLab (Pentair)

Automated Tables Layout


When NovaLab was asked to realize a catalog for Pentair, a manufacturer of water filters, pump systems and pool accessories, they looked for a solution that could provide automation, safety and responsiveness. Well upstream of the production, they asked us to select the best solution and provide assistance in the workflow setup.


Attentive to NovaLab and to its client’s needs, we noticed that all the data were gathered within an unique Excel File. The InDesign layout mostly consisted in buidling and styling tables. InDesign does import excel tables but it’s never 100% accurate. No matter what, you will end up cleaning useless rows and columns and apply styles. Not to mention data updates that will get rid of all your tweaks.

With the cooperation of Indiscripts Studio, one of expert partners, we have built an application that could flow all the tables perfectly styled and drawn in just one click. The interface of the application allows user to pick an Excel File. Then you can choose whatever Excel Sheets you want to play with and finally any table within this sheet that you want to layout.

NovaLab can even tweak the layout by linking tables items to cell styles, setting width a/o height…The configuration can be saved for further use in the main import panel.


The development of the application was intensive. But in the end, producing the tables have never been so quick. No more cleaning. The excel tables are smoothly built within InDesign. And cherry on the cake, updates are done harmlessly without cleaning any mess. Thanks to this custom production tool, NovaLab states its ability to offer innovative communication solutions to its clients.


NovaLab is a Consultancy specialized in both creative and innovative communication solutions. Located in Paris Suburbs, the consultancy works with big corporates such as Hotels Balladins or the Manufacturer Pentek. NovaLab offers automated publishing solutions, ebook generation and editorial libraries.