NovaLab (Hôtels Balladins)

Automated Catalog Layout


When NovaLab was asked to realize a catalog for Hôtels Balladins, a chain of motels, they looked for a solution that could provide automation, safety and responsiveness. Well upstream of the production, they asked us to select the best solution and provide assistance in the workflow setup.


Attentive to NovaLab and to its client’s needs, we offered to set a InDesign XML workflow. First of all, we adviced to build a MySQL database with a dedicated PHP interface ( Development done by MonArobase ). The interest of using a database is twofold : ease access and concentrate data. As a matter of fact, franchisees can now keep their mansion data up to date online without delay. The Marketing Service can oversee and validate the inputs for every establishment. Once the database set and filled, data are exported to XML for InDesign layout.
We then prepared the InDesign Templates for XML injection. Given certain requests, we did some complementary XSLT/Scripting developments. Finally, the catalog was assembled automatically.


The XML Workflow dramatically improved the production of the Hôtels Balladins catalog. NovaLab could rely on validated and centralized data rather than traditionally scattered inputs (emails, word files, fax…). Both consultancy and client worked in a safer process.Using XML reduced production delays from weeks to a couple of days. The timed saved is now available for higher-value tasks such as Creation or Preflight. Thanks to XML, LogLab is fully responsive to any client’s modifications. More than a consultancy, NovaLab states with this global project its ability to supply innovative solutions for its clients.


NovaLab is a Consultancy specialized in both creative and innovative communication solutions. Located in Paris Suburbs, the consultancy works with big corporates such as Hotels Balladins or the Manufacturer Pentek. NovaLab offers automated publishing solutions, ebook generation and editorial libraries.