Axaio (MadeToTag)

PDF Accessibility Check Module


Axaio was about to release MadeToTag, an InDesign Plugin that could check for File compliance to Accessibility standards.Rather than doing the whole development of their plugin features in C++, they wanted to take advantage of the InDesign capacity to be scripted. They contracted us to carry out the scripting side of the development, and after the first milestone integrated our work on an ongoing basis into their plugin.


Based on precise specifications supplied by AXAIO, we developed both a window and some preflight routines. The ScriptUI interface intends to ease the navigation among possible issues. Hence the user can decide to fix or ignore the issue we have raised. The panel let him know how many errors he fixed and how many are left to be corrected.


AXAIO saved unvaluable time in its plugin development. Thanks to the split C++/Javascript, MadeToTag is really responsive towards the market expectations. This plug-will certainly become the absolute reference for checking InDesign documents in order to generate fully accessible PDF files.


Axaio designs Plug-Ins for Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/InCopy and XTensions for QuarkXPress. axaio solutions MadeToPrint and MadeToCompare seamlessly integrate into editorial environments based on vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise 7, Van Gennep PlanSystem4 or Quark Publishing System.