RipConsulting (Fashion)

Automated Pictures Preflight


A fashion Magazine, also customer of RIP Consulting, orders pictures to well known photographers. Upon receiving orders, editors need to check that every picture contains expected XMP informations and fits technical specifications. To ensure compliance, RIP Consulting suggested to use Adobe Bridge, a Adobe Creative Suite application. To simplify the use of this tool, RIP Consulting mandated us to design the interface and the automation of the preflight process.


As Metadata were a key component of the workflow, we chose to develop a specific application within Adobe Bridge Software. We have developed an user-friendly panel directly accessible from a custom menu. Only needed XMP fields are exposed and avoid Adobe Bridge learning curves. Anyone can intuitively select a folder. Every picture is processed on the fly within Adobe Photoshop and if metadata are missing, the user is prompted to fill every missing field. The processing delays are greatly improved and the workflow is secure.


Thanks to this tool, this fashion Magazine locks the process of its pictures. XMP data and specifications are now monitored closely. Pictures that do not meet the criteria are batch processed. Now, the Picture Library of the Magazine fits the technical requirements in a sector where quality is paramount.


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