RipConsulting (TV)

TV Magazines Automated Layout


A TV Magazine also RIP Consulting Customer, switched from Quark Xpress to Adobe InDesign. They wanted to keep their workflow based on XTag technologies from EM Software company. InDesign does not deal natively with XTags files. You need a third party plug-in. However, the automation level is lower within InDesign compared to XPress. RIP Consulting asked us to develop a specific script in order to automate the XTag plugin within InDesign for this client.


The XTag plug-in for InDesign is scriptable. InDesign labels are used to link data to frames. A simple click now automatically imports all the programs, images and captions (XMP fields). Now one operator can assemble the magazine in a blink.


With a custom tool, magazines are built in record times. Delays have been reduced. The flow is safe now as data are automatically injected without possible manual issues.


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