RipConsulting (SWYP)

SWYP Production Tool


RIP Consulting is the publisher of SWYP, an editorial workflow tool. It gathers all the business requirements, from creating content to print a/o digital publishing. RIP Consulting wanted to provide users more transparency in the exchanges between the tool and the workstation (file opening, exports, uploads onto server). They mandated us for creating such a tool.


SWYP users could be using either Adobe InDesign or Quark Xpress but always with a Mac OS. The choice of Applescript was obvious. We designed a SWYP communication module directly available from the Desktop Publishing Software. Since then, anyone can automatically load a file and get it open automatically, log into the server and upload every needed files in just a click.


This tool has improved the workflow between graphic designers and the SWYP solution. This higher level of integration of SWYP into Desktop Publishing Software has maximized the impact of the innovative solution on decision-makers. A “small” window but a compelling argument in a highly competitive market.


Since 2004, RIP Consulting helps Publishers, Consultancies, Studios and anyone involved in printed content production optimizing their production methods leading to better organization regarding to print towards digital publishing conversion (Web, Iphone, Ipad, etc…).