GIFStudio V1.1.0 is out and it’s a game changer!

GIFStudio V1.1.0 is now available on the Adobe Exchange. It’s a big leap forward in terms of creating animated GIFs with Adobe Illustrator. That also explains why this release was a bit delayed. To learn more about what’s new, keep reading 👇.

It’s Christmas, save 30% on GIFStudio 🎁

Christmas is just around the corner, cheer yourself up! Get a 30% rebate on your GIFStudio license with the following code. This extension allows you to create, set up, preview, and export animated GIF files without leaving Adobe Illustrator!

GIFStudio V1.0.35 available!

We are proud to announce a new release of GIFStudio on December 5th, 2022. This V1.0.35 improves export quality and brings additional features. Check them out!

Win a GIFStudio for Black Friday

Black Friday is coming, and animated GIF too! Nothing better to catch customers’ attention. Yet you know how tidy and cumbersome the creation of animated GIF files can be. With GIFStudio, save 60% on productivity by creating, setting up, previewing, and exporting GIF files WITHOUT LEAVING ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. It’s your chance to win a GIFStudio […]