Power & Safety

Building manually a catalog or a directory can quickly turn into drudgery.You first need to gather scattered datas (fax, mails, emails). Once that done, you need to assemble the product. Finally you run into a never-ending loop of fixes while the stress keep on increasing when getting close of the delivery date.

What if everything was more simple ?

XML Workflows automate and secure the production of long and structured documents. Consultancies can spend more time on design and preflight and less in production. Pages are created automatically in shortest delays. Customers data are centralized and always up to date. Updates are done in a blink.

Complex layouts ? We can do further XSLT / Scripting developments to fit the most advanced requirements.

Illustration : NovaLab/Hôtels Balladins

LogLab is a Consultancy specialized in both creative and innovative communication solutions. Located in Paris Suburbs, the consultancy works with big corporates such as Hotels Balladins or the Manufacturer Pentek. NovaLab, entity of LogLab, offers automated publishing solutions, ebook generation and editorial libraries.

For the “Hotels Balladins” catalog project, LogLab was looking for the ultimate solution that could offer automation, safety and responsiveness. We adviced and set a XML Workflow. Then we prepared the InDesign templates in order to inject franchisees data.
Given some specific requirements, we did complementary XSLT/Scripting developments to fit the client requests. Finally, the catalog was automatically assembled.

Using XML reduced production delays from weeks to a couple of days.

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